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Peace Roadmap

Selling a Vision of Hope: A Refreshing Alternative to Armageddon

Look inside Nissim Dahan's book Selling a Vision of Hope with Google Books.

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Listen to an interview with Nissim Dahan on the Tom Marr Show.

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Israel Forum
A pro-Israeli and pro-American Internet resource dedicated to providing high-level information about Israel and the U.S. It offers linked and original breaking news, analysis, and commentary from seasoned journalists, authors, and leading experts.
Political Forum
Political forum for civil politics discussion and debate.
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Since the dawn of human civilization, people have believed in a lot of half-baked notions. Some of these ideas have left behind millions of corpses in their wake. Our only hope is that in today's world of increasing complexity, the vast majority of people will come to believe that we have no choice but to make sense of our lives. With enough Ideological persuasion, and with enough Economic incentives, they may be moved to marginalize the extremists, and to shift the world in a slightly different direction, one that points to the possibility of peace.