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Selling a Vision of Hope: A Refreshing Alternative to Armageddon

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Up to 500 feared dead in Mediterranean shipwreck last week

Up to 500 feared dead in Mediterranean shipwreck last week
As many as 500 people are feared dead after a shipwreck last week in the Mediterranean Sea, two international groups said Wednesday, describing survivors? accounts of panicked passengers who desperately tried to stay afloat by jumping between vessels. The disaster happened in waters between Italy and Libya, based on accounts from 41 survivors who were rescued Saturday by a merchant ship, according to the U.N refugee agency and the International Organization for Migration. The tragedy ranks among the deadliest in recent years on the often-treacherous sea voyage along the central Mediterranean by refugees and migrants from Africa, the Middle East and beyond who have traveled in droves hoping to reach relatively peaceful and wealthy Europe.

Listen to an interview with Nissim Dahan on the Tom Marr Show.

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Written by Nissim Dahan   

You look at the world around you, sliding ever so casually into the dark abyss, and you wonder: What can I do to stop this from happening? I?m only one person, after all. What can one person do to shift this crazy world in a slightly different direction, one that points to the possibility of peace?


Yes, you?re only one person, but you may well be the one person who could make the difference. And if you choose to act, others will follow, and suddenly you won?t be just one person any more.

Selling a Vision of Hope is as close to impossible as you can get. But considering the alternative, what choice do we really have? If anything is going to happen along these lines, it will happen because of you.


So here are a few suggestions for what you can do to help make real what is now only a dream:

  • Use this website to become familiar with the idea of Selling a Vision of Hope and join our e-mail list for regular updates.
  • Please register on the site and challenge yourself to comment in our Forums and on our Vision of Hope Blog. Since this project is all about connecting, your opinion is just as important as ours.
  • See if the idea makes sense to you, get answers to some frequently asked questions in our FAQ section.
  • Talk to your family and friends and see what they have to say. And don?t worry if heated debates ensue. If people get angry, it means that at the very least, they care.
  • If you wish to learn about it in more detail you can purchase the book Nick wrote entitled, "Selling a Vision of Hope: A Refreshing Alternative to Armageddon". The book uses a light and even humorous style to explain the ins and outs of Selling a Vision of Hope.
  • Contact us if you would like Nick and Mira to address your group. Take a look at the Video Library to get an idea of the presentation content and style.
  • If you are working on a project that can be used to show that a Vision of Hope is being given substance on the ground, then please let us know. All the individual projects out there are good in the own right, but they are like the separated links of a chain. It is time to hook up the various links together, under a Vision of Hope, so that everyone can start pulling in the same direction.
  • If you know of political, religious, or business leaders who may be interested in starting a project, which could be used to Sell a Vision of Hope, then please let us know. For example, a businessman may choose to invest in a way that says to the world that a Vision of Hope could be made real, if people simply choose to make it so.
  • If you know of philanthropic or political leaders who may be inclined to start a Fund for Economic Development in the Middle East, or to fund some projects on the ground, or to manage and grow such a fund, then please let us know.
  • If you know of any media people who may choose to take an interest in Selling a Vision of Hope, then please let us know.
  • If you can think of any other ways to sell a Vision of Hope, then please, by all means, let us know. The best ideas are probably the ones we?ve never even thought of.

The forces of good and evil are deadlocked in a tight balance, and everything we know and love hangs in that balance. It?s up to you to tilt that balance in favor of peace, in favor of what makes sense.